Athena April 2013

Welcome, my name is Athena, short for Ocotilla’s Athena. I want to be the first to greet you!!! I am only 18 months old now, but I am fitting in really good with the other alpaca ladies here. My human daddy, Bob, says that I am his favorite…I feel special…but he doesn’t let me feel too special so I don’t get spoiled. He tells me that spoiled alpacas can be very, very naughty! Well…Welcome and enjoy what you see here of our farm Ocotilla’s Mountainside Alpacas. We have something for everyone from knitters, to fun things for the kids and various clothing to keep you warm and snuggly. You can even get some of my first fleece which is really, really soft. Stop by sometime and meet me and the others. We all are very happy and pretty, some are even handsome…See ya soon!